Raystown Eagles

Raystown Lake is a 29, 000 acre project with 12 public access areas, an 8,300 acre lake, picnic areas, beaches, and boat launches.  It is known for the trophy fish that are often pulled from its waters, but have you ever seen a fish taken from the sky?

The most popular bird at Raystown Lake is the Bald Eagle.  Currently there are four nest sites located at Raystown Lake, which have fledged 46 young eagles since 1999. Many visitors to Lake Raystown are able to observe the Eagles in residence.  One visitor described her experience as similar to watching a Discovery Program.  She observed an Eagle swoop down to the Lake and catch a large fish in its Talons.  This will be an unforgettable memory of Lake Raystown.  Our lodge and cabins are a short 5-min drive to the lake, bring your boat, we've got plenty of room to park it and take time to see our resident Eagles in action!